Scotland's yard

A vision for enhancing pediatric cancer care in Waterloo Region. Our goal is that any parent that has a child fighting cancer can get the care they need right here at home. As it stands, most families must travel to Toronto, Hamilton, or London to get life-saving treatment. The mission was Inspired by the courage of our daughter Scotland (Scottie) Santos, who faced a difficult cancer journey. The initiative was started by a group of amazing community members. We have committed a portion of our income towards this cause.  

What is Scotland's Yard

Scotland’s Yard is a vision. A vision that every child and family in our community experiencing a cancer journey has the world-class care and support they need right here at home. We aim to raise $50 million over the next ten years to support Grand River Hospital and its pediatric cancer programs.

What will the $50 million support?

Pediatric cancer care is a varied and at times complex path. From initial diagnosis to treatment to family support, the services and equipment required are numerous. The folks behind Scotland’s Yard are committed to supporting the needs of Grand River Hospital and the services and equipment they need to provide world-class care. In the near term, that means supporting fundraising initiatives such as PET CT, Linear Accelerator, Nuclear Medicine Spectrometer and specific pediatric care equipment. In the long term, it could mean supporting a Care Lodge for families on a cancer journey, a specific endowment fund to support various family expenses during cancer treatment and a fund to support medications and treatments not regularly covered through provincial healthcare programs.

Who is Scotland?

Scotland (Scottie) Santos is our daughter, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at just three months of age. She is one of over 200 children in our community currently undergoing cancer care. In addition to receiving care at Grand River Hospital, these children and their families regularly travel to other communities for specialized treatment or testing. The group behind Scotland’s Yard envisions more and more of that treatment or testing happening here at home, lessening the burden on families. It’s a long-term vision, but a necessary one to support the kids on their cancer journey.